“Growth only occurs in a state of discomfort” – Richard Akita


MIST: Disrupting the Norm

“In any business when the focus is money, solutions stays aloof” – Richard Akita

The dynamism of business is not selective, but rather rewards those who are intentional. The pace is dictated by customers and only proactiveness draws favourable returns. Most businesses offer solution to a challenge. Unfortunately, the flow of solutions can be stunted when the team becomes complacent.
How do you stoke the fire of creative thinking? Begin to reflect soberly on these:

How do you distinguish yourself from the mass movement of a fast-growing dynamic service culture of ideals to reality whilst your customers demand for basic service, expecting staff to be knowledgeable on product knowledge?
How have you provoked employee engagement to meet key performance indicators?
Which is best: self-motivation or managed motivation?
What are the effects of a vibrant solution driven team?
There must be more, but what could this more be?

Sales Unlocked

Coaching Techniques That Accelerate Sales
At launchpad we believe the approach to motivate and reward sales professionals based on a single, one-dimensional outcome (closed revenue rewarded with financial payment) is no longer effective enough. In tough economic times, the lost time and high cost associated with the traditional hire and fire mentality has revealed to sales managers the need to rethink their approach, with many of them turning to behavioural motivation, the latest innovation in coaching techniques for sales professionals.
By redefining the parameters that govern sales team performance, we look at specific sales disciplines that yield systematic results with the influence of flair.
Launchpad has developed a system thinking training that has infused coaching techniques and sales channels methodologies.

Sales Unlocked
InX: The Binding Variable

InX: The Binding Variable

‘Business is a team sport and if you decide to play solo, you bargain for a lose even before the game gets started.’ – MIST, the Launchpad Team

InX, our team building and development programme, will navigate your team to be solution focus.
Hinged on undiscovered principles of communication, employee engagement and transformational leadership, InX will…

…drive the organisation to stay relevant within its industry.
…improve transparency, which like loyalty is never greased but caught, while daring the team where members think and act like major shareholders of the prized enterprise.
Let InX assist you find the missing variable for your coveted success.

Mastermind: Executing Strategies

Mastermind gives business leaders the opportunity to be part of a group of entrepreneurs with similar values, beliefs, and accessing expertise to assist them within their businesses.
Entrepreneurs get to expand their network of valuable connections, learn, share, and receive support. An experience that is priceless and the assurance of being part of something bigger, something greater than yourself.
Business Mastermind is a powerful way of being inclusive in a group with the benefit of exponential growth and building momentum in their business.

We have proven methodologies that works
Accountability is central
Leveraging the collective for individual profit
Execution is a major challenge for organisations, large and small. However, without execution, vision and strategy mean nothing. It is sometimes difficult to transform what is best for the company into how to get there. Leaders are the driving force behind business execution, but it is a trickledown effect since execution is achieved by aligning people and operations.

Mastermind: Executing Strategies
Fostering the GROWTH CULTURE

Fostering the GROWTH CULTURE

What do you focus on to drive growth within your organisation? If one employee has the potential to spark a chain of positivity that revolutionises the organisation, imagine the cumulative effect of an effective team firing on all cylinders. Having a conducive atmosphere for learning encourages growth. To attain such utopic conditions your organisation must be intentional with an emphasis in:

Nurturing the right mindset for free thinking
Nurturing the right culture to spur the innovation and ownership of behaviour where stakeholders embody the vision of the organisation
Bringing to life the words off the walls
Launchpad offers a clear alternative by way of engaging your team members through practical and thought-provoking exercises, daring your team to raise the ante as well as inspire creativity that helps the company transform from within, whilst continually accelerating their momentum to stay ahead in the marketplace without disrupting their core operations.

Leadership Duo: Mentoring & Coaching

Leadership style is the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. As seen by the employees, it includes the total pattern of explicit and implicit actions performed by their leader (Newstrom, Davis, 1993).
When searching for leadership styles one can be overwhelmed with the variation, which are necessary and functional. Operationally, leaders utilise a mixture of the leadership styles to generate fantastic results. Launchpad has developed these Leadership Duo to juxtapose coaching and mentoring disciplines to enhance staff independence whilst embracing inter-dependence.
The outcomes:

Develop employee engagement and strengthening subordinates’ skills
Develop employee engagement and loyalty

Leadership Duo: Mentoring & Coaching
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Goals and objectives are set, the team is buzzing with ideas, the energy level of enthusiasm is contagious, but how do you and your team navigate through the myriad of ideas into workable strategies?
Launchpad with Richard Akita uses the 3C’s (Coach, Conductor & Catalyst) skills to facilitate strategic planning meetings, working with clients on the end goal yet encouraging the team to explore options, gain consensus and agree on the roadmap.

Team Building

Launchpad has been providing team-building training for organisations since its inception and has over the cause of time discovered how to build high-performing teams for clients across a variety of industries. Due to this training, these clients have experienced improved productivity, greater bottom-line results, and have more quickly attained organisational goals. Our team-building training curriculum reflects our work and experience with intact teams, cross-functional teams, and mixed groups of individuals.

Participants will at the end of this training be collectively aligned with the organisation’s corporate goals and values.
Improved innovation, empowerment, and accountability
Reinforce cohesion among employees.

Team Building
Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

“Courage is not found in a pill” - Richard Akita
Executive Coaching brings clarity, direction and can expedite continual development. This affords the executive the privacy and confidentiality to our Lead Trainer, who works and supports the executive to explore, develop their ideas, face any challenges, and reach agreed strategies into actionable goals to reach the desired outcome.
With over a decade of coaching experience, we become the sounding board for your thoughts and feelings which are handled with respect and sensitivity without prejudice.
Get stability and balance and have a second eye to check the messages of your leaders, verbal, and non-verbal communication, and help them to assimilate rapid change so they can process it and be a step ahead on behalf of those around them.
Executive Coaching can provide the critical bridge that helps to span the gap between fine and great.