About us

M. I. S. T

Creating a strong team that works well together can take any task from good to great. What could your organization accomplish if everyone was working toward the same goal? Let Launchpad provoke, inspire your team to exhibit the best practices, skills, and activities for successful team;

Cultivate a group of people who are motivated, positive, and who encourage each other to improve
Identify the missing critical ingredients that would make your team a success
Find the right exercises and activities to build an inspired corporate culture
Remove negative competitive behaviour and replace it with trust, loyalty, and open communication.
Effective teamwork is an important asset for every area of your personal and professional life. Launchpad through M.I.S.T. will uncover your team’s strengths while simultaneously developing your own leadership and collaboration skills.


We pride ourselves in our ability to provide solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients; solutions that fit like a glove. We have the right expertise to provide the right training solutions depending on the client’s preference. Our training modules are developed around learning points devised by our clients and are expertly ushered through the training process.
We are known to treat every client as a partner, as an integral and crucial part of activities.



For the facilitation of continual development of both the individual and the leader, we recommend executive coaching. We understand that individuality must exist within the role of leadership and it is sometimes quite gruesome to maintain a balance.
According to Harvard Business Review up to 40% of new CEOs fail to meet performance expectations in the first 18 months. Our Executive Coaching services enhance the leadership performance of senior managers and executives by maximising strengths and minimising the impact of weaknesses on the organization and the participant's career. Our Executive Coaching process is guided by the assessment and action plan, combined with an understanding of organisational needs and objectives.


Launchpad has selected the competencies to reinforce the relationship between the service providers and the service users through building the capacity of the stakeholder. Our off-the-shelf trainings provide your business with the right human capital development program that promotes your desired organizational growth coupled with an increase ROI.

Executives Strategic Retreat


Retreats designed for Start-ups and small business with less than 10 staff strategic session; Over the course of these 3 powerful days of, workshops, one-on-one mentoring, masterminding, and personal growth work, you and the other participants will:

Gain clarity on your vision – and the legacy you want to create
Align your work with your passion and purpose so you experience more joy, meaning, and excitement in what you do every day
Design a life that brings you greater happiness and fulfilment
Create a step-by-step plan to make a bigger impact and transform your most ambitious vision into reality
Rejuvenate yourself in the company of other extremely high-vibe people and find the inspiration and motivation you need be your best self and live your best life.
The venues we use have been carefully selected and the sessions designed to imbue creativity. My team and I will stir, provoke but above all inspire you to dream beyond boundaries. Your co-operation is vital for your success; so, allow the intricacy of your creativity to cause your mind to wander purposefully into day dreaming or the childlike and can-do attitude where anything is possible.
No what-ifs! Just dare to dream without boundaries.
Organisations with over 10 staff; In your bid to rejuvenate your team organisations use away days to plan. Launchpad is your catalyst to business growth as we drive the conversation around your core objective, thereby creating a future that will provoke thought, engagement and ownership within your team. Why Launchpad?
Reset, re-evaluate and recalibrate
Optimism is totally contagious
No forced team chemistry – just leveraging the team chemistry to heighten dynamics equilibrium
Your strategic plans simplified to specific outcomes of actions and ideas
Eliminating limiting beliefs – instil winning mentality
Corporate Mastermind* to support team
Introduction of M.I.S.T.* – The Leadership Quadrant.