“Your life cannot be Ghost-Written” – Richard Akita



“At the peak of heightened challenges lacks the birthing pangs for your breakthrough” – Richard Akita

Many of the things we want to have, do and be, are tied to one action. Everything you want to achieve is rooted to one major vision. The myriad of habits you want to break are probably anchored by a particular lifestyle, addiction, or pattern of behaviour. Thus, paying attention to this ONE thing is pivotal in regulating the other areas of your life.


A range of activities are tightly coupled with an outdoor environment to help groom men and increase survival skills as well as strengthen friendships and create the environment to network through various breath-taking activities including.

Treasure Hunt
Leadership Development Seminar
Other survival activities
This bootcamp is exclusive to only 20 – 30 men.



The Love Analysis
For Spark we carefully select venues that imbues an open and affectionate atmosphere that oozes a powerful way to discuss, share and reinvigorate the spirit of marriage.
Spark and re-experience of old memories along with the creation of new ones. Memories that linger have a powerful way of sparking a smile, lifting moods, and strengthening the bond shared. On our Spark retreats, couples work together to rekindle and discover their passion, arouse their curiosity and naughtiness for adding that je ne sais quoi that stokes the fire or chemistry of their commitment to each other. This newly generated energy acts as fuel throughout the span of their relationship.
During this 2-night getaway engagement, you and your partner will have the luxury of the following:

Dinner & Dance
Mutually inclusive massage lessons and sessions
Nostalgic moments
Practical expressions of Love
A Camp Fire discussion
One on Two Sessions


The joy of marriage is not achieved by wishes.
The journey of marriage can be most rewarding but with every relationship there comes a time when some intervention is needed to bring unity, reconciliation, or consensus to adapt to the changes of life.
Whether pushed by pain or pulled by possibilities, some marriages evolve, and focus can be skewed from the couple to everyday life challenges.
Our Pre-marital counselling encourages couples to understand, discover and appreciate the full person of their spouse by being their greatest fan and helper to unearth their potential.
The Post-marital counselling encourages healing and understanding whilst preparing couples to deal with the change’s life offers them.



“One life, make it count” – Richard Akita

To achieve extraordinary results or peak performance in life you sometimes need someone who will encourage, dare, and challenge you out of your comfort zone, whilst dealing with any limiting beliefs.
Life Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that can help you to produce extraordinary results in your life, career, and business.
Life Coaching is not counselling or therapy; it is forward looking and is about achieving positive results in your life. As your coach, Richard Akita will show you techniques and simple strategies for helping you to close the gap between where you are now and what you want to achieve.
Richard Akita will become your accountability partner for creating the change you desire. Coaching is very much a journey and together you will create goals for you that will be realistic, achievable, and importantly, inspiring to you.
Richard’s role as your coach can be akin to a catalyst; by speeding the process but without taking part of the reaction.