People struggle in achieving their goals and visions in life, this is because most people try to do many things at a time. The frustration only increases as people are unable to attain the mark for which they set themselves.
At our Power Of ONE seminar you get:

the opportunity to search and identify your purpose Of ONE
to prioritize your goals Of ONE
Settle on the achievement of ONE Major Vision (with the understanding that all other things will gravitate towards it).


Be intentional, create the life you desire. It will be challenging but it will be worth every sweat, tear, laughter and life lessons. You are not a statistic, rather you are embedded with power to soar and soaring is what my team and I will dare you to DO as we come alongside you and work with you during this personal retreat; Transformation Weekend. Do you want more success in your life? I'm inviting you to join me at Transformation Weekend 2019 — where we will spend 3 unforgettable days together to make your biggest dreams a reality.

Picture this: your feet in lush grass, a cool breeze against your skin and the ocean waves being the only sounds you hear. Imagine being away from the daily distractions that comes with the hustle to a serene environment where you have undisrupted time to work on you, your goals and putting action to your dreams. This is what Transformation Weekend is; the unparalleled opportunity to tap into your inner power and revive your life’s purpose.

Over the course of these life-changing days, you'll learn how to:

Get clear on what you truly want – and how to achieve it
Create a master plan for the fulfilment of your vision
Take more inspired action and create bigger and better results
Align your work with your purpose and passions – and experience more meaning and fulfilment in everything you do
Create a step-by-step achievable plan to create the life of your dreams
Overcome any obstacles or challenges in your path
Become a member of my Go-Getters community
Finally, you will get support throughout the year by way of assessment, recalibration and mastermind with my Go-Getters community.



A carefully selected spectacle that imbues an open and affectionate atmosphere that oozes a powerful way to discuss, share and reinvigorate the spirit of marriage. Come along with your spouse to reignite the passion in your union. What to expect:

Mutually inclusive massage lessons and sessions
Nostalgic Moments
Practical expressions of love and many more...


This is to provoke and inspire men to appreciate their independence, inter-dependence and dependence on each other as they chart their impact path.

Treasure Hunt
Leadership Development Seminar
Other Survival Activities.



To achieve extraordinary results or peak performance in life you need someone who will encourage, dare and challenge you out of your comfort zone, whilst dealing with any limiting beliefs. Life Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that can help you to produce extraordinary results in your life, career and business. Let Me Be Your Coach.