Richard Akita

About Richard Akita

Richard’s mantra “One Life, Make it Count” drives his core purpose to serve with excellence and simplicity. This philosophy underpins his mindset by challengingly drawing inspiration from past encounters, purposefully seeking the lessons from life’s encounters and empowering others through setting practical actions to enable his clients pursue their dreams whilst being their sounding board. Richard is zealous about seeing people serve their community with excellence, whilst discovering and utilizing their greatest assets in worship and service to God and their community.

Richard Akita is the Managing Partner & Lead Consultant of Launchpad and he is;

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Launchpad’s mission is to be a solutions hub for human capacity development by constantly stretching its client’s stakeholders to flesh out the talents and skills that promotes increased revenue per employee in a fun, friendly, and relaxed learning conditions.


Launchpad’s vision is to be pivotal in delivering and offering bespoke soft skills solutions, training, and facilitation for human capacity development.


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