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Expression…Bedroom Talk

How is your life counting to the one you call “love”? Would they still choose you if they were given a chance to? Are you a numerator or a denominator to your partner? What would you appreciate or remember your partner for if they are no more with you? Appreciate the ones who have dedicated and sacrificed their lives for your joy and destiny. We do not have the pleasure of time to be keeping malice when we can build better homes by being the better version of ourselves. Express your love, for lust is fleeting and life is way too short. Say it, mean it and capture the moment with words. One life, make it count!

Words for Fathers

The Author in this book celebrates men in general for doing more and blamed more than appreciated. The words touch on the fears, aspirations and love of fathers who responsibly took the mantle of leadership in homes they fathered. Take a break, relax, read, and reflect on the warmth these powerful words offer your soul. God bless fathers

Just for Moms

From conception to cradle and nurturing us to become the best they see us to be is what we owe our mothers and all who have raised children not their own. Women are multipliers when guided and led to achieve all the things God destined them to be. These words are to motivate your inner being as a woman not to let your guard down and keep being the best you can be. Remember, you are beauty redefined. Trust the process patiently. God bless mothers.

Words for Broken Moments

Most at times, we fall in our minds first before it reflects physically when life hits us with tragedies beyond our control. Our brokenness cannot be compared to that of Christ on the cross. He is our perfect example to rise above every situation we encounter that does not go in our favour. We fall to rise because the reaction to any situation we face solely determines how we impact our immediate environment. Richard Akita shares from his life journey and fills the space with words that resonates with every fall and rising moment. Reflect on threaded experience and rise to soar beyond your current reality and fill your space with sweated victories. Though we fall, surely, we rise again.

Purple Mish Mash

From the frame of colour, pride oozes from Yellow, Red and Blue as the original parents of all the future generations of colours. Secondary colours, Orange, Purple and Green are the children to the primary colours. Yet the palette for purple exudes royalty, a subtle shade, a tone of darkness with a spark that needs a second gaze. Written to stir are the quotes that makes mish mash beautifully bold. Enjoy the collection of encouragement, love, and affirmations.


To admire is harmless, being mesmerised by the flow of exquisite vividness that draws the attention is guarded within yet expressed. Rouge accentuates the core of colourfulness, gazed upon to inspire albeit to keep its place softly in words. Unmastered secrets purposefully conjures the compilation of words to describe flawless flow of hair.


The coining of expressing thanksgiving and gratitude with sentences from an awestruck heart. In time, one must stop and appreciate the blessings on them. To say it means you acknowledge it.

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