Richard Akita

Power Of One

“At the peak of heightened challenges lacks the birthing pangs for your breakthrough.”― Richard Akita

Many of the things we want to have, do and be, are tied to one action. Everything you want to achieve is rooted to one major vision. The myriad of habits you want to break are probably anchored by a particular lifestyle, addiction, or pattern of behavior. Thus, paying attention to this ONE thing is pivotal in regulating the other areas of your life.

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Unmasking Manhood Bootcamp

A range of activities are tightly coupled with an outdoor environment to help groom men and increase survival skills as well as strengthen friendships and create the environment to network through various breath-taking activities including:

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Pre & Post Marital Counselling

“The joy of marriage is not achieved by wishes.”

The journey of marriage can be most rewarding but with every relationship there comes a time when some intervention is needed to bring unity, reconciliation, or consensus to adapt to the changes of life.

Whether pushed by pain or pulled by possibilities, some marriages evolve, and focus can be skewed from the couple to everyday life challenges.

Our Pre-marital counselling encourages couples to understand, discover and appreciate the full person of their spouse by being their greatest fan and helper to unearth their potential.

The Post-marital counselling encourages healing and understanding whilst preparing couples to deal with the change’s life offers them.

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