Richard Akita

Entrepreneur Nest

Majority of budding entrepreneurs start ideas not profitable business.
According to Ghana Talks Business article dated September 2017: 95% of small businesses fail in the first five years – don’t let yours be one.

• How do you ensure you are on the right track?
• What support is available to the budding entrepreneur?
With over 30 years of entrepreneurship practice, Richard Akita comes alongside you and assist you to focus on the core of your business and explore practical options to agreed goals.
Undoubtedly, new businesses need support, and their success rate is not only dependent on the market forces and their entrepreneurial abilities, but also being able to access the right support and technical know-how at the right time.
Our Entrepreneur’s Nest is a group coaching forum – Mastermind. The purpose of a Mastermind Group is that peers become accountability partners, work together, leverage their expertise to solving problems and developing themselves together through input and advice from each other.

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Transformation Weekend

Dreamed It, Living It

The most powerful weekend to map out your success route.

Most people focus on achieving goals and sometimes miss the habit that got them to achieve the results. Transformation Weekend is designed to take you on a journey of discovery, assessments as well as meeting people of like mind, driven by self-mastery.
Transformation Weekend — where we will spend 3 unforgettable intense days together making your biggest dreams a reality.  Over the course of these life-changing days, you will be challenged to answer these 7 questions:

1. Who do you wish to become?
2. What are your principles and values?
3. What are your biggest goals?
4. What changes will get you closer to your goal?
5. What habits are hindering or getting you closer to your goals?
6. How will you monitor your progress with this habit?
7. What one thing will impact your habit for best consistency?

Transformation Weekend…Dreamed It, Living It

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Personal Development

Ever needed an accountability partner who will assist you to keep your focus of developing?
My team and I work with clients who have decided to embark of personal development, we provide activities and assessment to bring clarity to our clients so that they can take owner in developing their core and improvement areas.
We also offer coaching services to support clients through their development journey. Coaching sessions are either one on one or group sessions to depending on clients’ request. In addition to the coaching services, all personal development clients automatically qualify to participate in the periodic virtual weekly talks themed – Unmasking Mastery.

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Complete Man

“Unmerited brilliance with humility oozes wisdom” – Richard Akita

The complete man is targeted to bring awareness, teaching and enlighten conversation into the issues of men. We work with men’s fellowships as well as young adult males, our dialogue assist us all to grow into our maleness and consider methodologies we can adopt to impact our community. We discuss 12 areas that feeds into the character of man. Notwithstanding, the societal definitions of man beggars the question.

• What defines the role of man?
• What are the functions of man?

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The mentoring program for Boys, Teens and Schools is designed to challenge as well as equip our mentees with social and life skills.
The mentoring sessions are grouped in age ranges, experiential, and mentees also network with other mentees. We do not simply want to provide mentors for young people because they are lacking positive adult role models. Instead, we provide mentors to enable them to pursue their dreams and goals.

The above and many more testimonials from our mentees reinforces “Our Why”
Topics covered:
• Cultivating Winning Habits
• Pursuing Academic Success
• Goal Setting
• Leadership
• Emotional Intelligence
• Critical Thinking
& much more…

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