Majority of budding entrepreneurs start ideas not profitable business.
According to Ghana Talks Business article dated September 2017: 95% of small businesses fail in the first five years – don’t let yours be one.

• How do you ensure you are on the right track?
• What support is available to the budding entrepreneur?
With over 30 years of entrepreneurship practice, Richard Akita comes alongside you and assist you to focus on the core of your business and explore practical options to agreed goals.
Undoubtedly, new businesses need support, and their success rate is not only dependent on the market forces and their entrepreneurial abilities, but also being able to access the right support and technical know-how at the right time.
Our Entrepreneur’s Nest is a group coaching forum – Mastermind. The purpose of a Mastermind Group is that peers become accountability partners, work together, leverage their expertise to solving problems and developing themselves together through input and advice from each other.