Richard Akita


Sweetened Words that’s Sugarless. Amazingly tantalizing; Colorfully busted; Words to stir some emotions and imaginations..

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Cycles of life

Richard Akita reflects at his life and dares you to be purposeful, live intentionally and leave a legacy.

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MIST provides an expansive overview and broader spectrum into today’s world of business while provoking the mind of the reader to produce beyond the chart results. Is there a saturation point within the market place? How does your unique selling proposition translate to a positive reflection on your bank balance? How do you measure your returns on capacity building? Allow yourself to be challenged and taken through the steps and procedures required to produce more than expected.

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Power Of One

In ‘Power of One’ Richard Akita delves into the all important issues of purpose, goal setting and accomplishment.

He provides a reliable blueprint that will challenge you to focus on one idea to make one decision and take one action that will bring into fruition your desired goal.

Power of One is a compact workbook for result oriented goal-setters.

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Cheat On Fear

Cheat on Fear is a paradigm-shifting book – one that makes the reader un-think and then re-think what he or she is thinking. “After years of compromising and retreating due to past costly failures, I had allowed fear to influence my daily decisions in business and personal life.”

Mr. Akita hopes that his readers will muster the courage, realign their faith and face fear, whatever form it may be presenting itself and win.

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