“In any business when the focus is money, solutions stays aloof” – Richard Akita

The dynamism of business is not selective, but rather rewards those who are intentional. The pace is dictated by customers and only proactiveness draws favorable returns. Most businesses offer solution to a challenge. Unfortunately, the flow of solutions can be stunted when the team becomes complacent.
How do you stoke the fire of creative thinking? Begin to reflect soberly on these:               •How do you distinguish yourself from the mass movement of a fast-growing dynamic service culture of ideals to reality whilst your customers demand for basic service, expecting staff to be knowledgeable on product knowledge?                                                                  •How have you provoked employee engagement to meet key performance indicators?            • Which is best: self-motivation or managed motivation?
• What are the effects of a vibrant solution driven team?
•There must be more, but what could this more be?